About Us

The Pride Through Empowerment Foundation, Inc., is a 501c3, non-profit organization dedicated to its mission - to improve the quality of life in communities through advocacy, education and the empowerment of families and individuals. The organization strives to create viable partnerships and initiatives with people and organizations within communities to facilitate community building.

The intent of the Pride Through Empowerment Foundation, Inc, is to promote the self-sufficiency and empowerment of individuals, families and under-served populations in the basic areas of life skills, financial literacy education, business development, self-esteem and spiritual development. It is our expressed intent to insure that affordable housing opportunities are developed and home ownership is realized for women head of households, families, individuals, and underserved populations for the betterment of the community.

The Pride Through Empowerment Foundation, Inc, works side by side in partnership with NID Housing Counseling Agency, a non-profit, HUD approved organization, dedicated to assisting consumers in financial education, self-sufficiency and promoting the creation of stakeholders in the community through homeownership opportunities and economic empowerment.

The Pride Through Empowerment Foundation, is a FDIC Money Smart Alliance Member and Training Organization, providing the FDIC’s Money Smart Adult Financial Literacy Training to consumers and organizations. Also, provides second chance banking opportunities for consumers in Telechex and Chex Systems with participating financial institutions.


Contact Person: Sharon Butler-McCray, CEO and Founder

Pride Through Empowerment Foundation, Inc.

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